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Shropshire Tourism is a membership organisation established to promote Shropshire as a visitor destination, provide support to the tourism sector in the county, and be a representative voice for the tourism industry. Shropshire Tourism was originally created in 1995 as a partnership between the Local Authorities and District Tourism Associations and other marketing bodies in Shropshire.

Shropshire Tourism became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in 2000 and as such it means that any profits earned by the company can only be used to further promote Shropshire and help our member businesses. Today Shropshire Tourism is the only Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) in the country to be entirely self-funded through earned income, it receives no public subsidies or grants.

Shropshire Tourism is run by a Board of Elected Directors and Appointed Board Members. A small team of 7 and 2 assessors (dedicated, professional and hardworking individuals!) are based in Shrewsbury to do the day to day work and ensure that publications are produced, websites work, properties are assessed and that members get the support they need. For the full range of activities Shropshire Tourism conducts on your behalf click here

Many businesses have found being in membership of Shropshire Tourism not only gives them great opportunities to reach national and international visitor markets but it also opens up a useful source of industry information, provides networking with other tourism businesses and practical support and advice. Shropshire Tourism works very closely with a range of partner organisations.

Over the last few years we have established several joint membership schemes with the tourist associations. For more information on becoming a member of Shropshire Tourism and a full list of the member benefits please click here. You can also contact us directly by clicking here.

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