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Membership is free and open to any business or organisation within Shropshire and the surrounding area, with an interest in the visitor economy. So if you are involved in any of the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Attractions
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Tourism groups

Then you should become part of the largest membership and marketing organisation in Shropshire.

Shropshire's visitor economy is worth over £500m pa and employs around 15,000 people. Shropshire attracts some 11.6m visitors pa. Visitors spend around £150m pa on shopping and £180m on catering pa.

Shropshire Tourism is a representative voice for the visitor economy and is able to lobby on your behalf on issues that matter to you locally, regionally and nationally.

Shropshire Tourism is also here to provide support and services to help your business and orgasnisation grow and develop.

Members receive:

  • Quarterly e-newsletters with industry, IT and marketing advice
  • Discounts or special rates offered to members by third party companies and organisations (Click here to see more information)
  • Invite to any open forums, network days or such appropriate events we organise
  • Access to a range of support services provided by Shropshire Tourism. Some are free and others are charged at very competitive rates (Click here to see more information)
  • Opportunity to advertise on a range of websites operated by Shropshire Tourism (Click here to see more information)
  • Members also have voting rights and may stand to be elected to the Shropshire Tourism board

As part of our duty of care, any businesses or organisation wishing to join membership of Shropshire Tourism and benefit from our marketing and promotions, are required to enter into an agreement with Shropshire Tourism by signing a declaration, that they will abide by for the duration of their membership. Click here for details.

If you are seeking more information about:

  • Shropshire Tourism
  • Joining Membership
  • Wanting your business to appear on any of our websites
  • Or if you have any other query at all!

Simply contact us on 01743 261919, or complete the form below. We would love to hear from you!

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