Shropshire & the Welsh Borders Brochure

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The Shropshire Brochure is independently rated as amongst the best in the country. This 68 page, A4 high quality brochure will continue to use stunning photography and imaginative and creative editorial that really promotes Shropshire and the surrounding area. Supported by a £150,000 marketing campaign, the Brochure is aimed at visitors who precisely match your target markets.

Shropshire Tourism generated a record £5 million worth of free coverage last year which means our press and PR activities not only ensure that Shropshire gets excellent coverage in National and International media but also allows us to respond to the many enquiries that these articles generate.  We Specifically target the USA, Dutch and Belgian markets, specialist groups and travel trade journalists through the Visit Britain Offices overseas.

The brochure is advertised on the world wide web on website. 45 % of brochure requests received at the Shropshire Tourism offices come through the web. These requests convert at a rate of over 56% to business. Direct response requests average 550 per month

The Shropshire Brochure has round the clock fulfilment and visitors can request the brochure 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It also has proven conversion, our research shows that over 36% of brochure requests convert to business generating over £7.6million of business for our members.


  • 68 page A4 High gloss publication
  • £150,000 Marketing Campaign
  • Overseas Promotion
  • World Wide Web
  • Round the Clock Fulfilment
  • The Shropshire Brochure has proven conversion
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Press and PR

Distribution Campaign

* Direct Enquiries ~ Distribution to all direct enquiries received at the Shropshire Tourism office via the Shropshire & Welsh Borders brochure or Shropshire Tourism website (

* Direct Mail ~ Brochures are sent out to those potential visitors who best match our market profile and have already expressed an interest in Shropshire.

* National Advertising Campaign ~ The Shropshire brochure has one of the lowest cost per response rates ensuring that brochures are effectively distributed by direct response advertising in key national publications including The Radio Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail along with many other proven publications.

* National Tourist Information Centre Network ~ Including the Visit Britain offices in London. We ensure that the supply of our brochure matches the demand at each individual Tourist Information Centre so no copies are wasted.

* Shows & Exhibitions ~ Distribution also takes place at Travel Trade Shows here and overseas and at other specialist shows and exhibitions.