ORGANISATION CHART - Shropshire Tourism UK Ltd

Shropshire Tourism is a membership body and a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It was originally established in 1995 as a private public sector partnership specifically to market Shropshire as a visitor destination.

Company Objective: To promote tourism in Shropshire & the surrounding area.
To provide a representative voice for the tourism industry in Shropshire and the surrounding area.
Vision: To be the first choice provider of services to the tourism and leisure sectors
The Board of Directors
Elected Directors/Board Members     Appointed Board Members
Director / Chairman - Richard Powell (Oswestry Borderlands)
Director - Judie McCoy (Shrewsbury)
Director - Jack Limond (Shropshire Hills Tourism)
Director - Adrian Brown (Telford)
Director - Mike Brogden (South Shropshire)
Director - Kevin Dowd (Shrewsbury)
Director - Clive Shingler (North Shropshire Tourism)
Director - Board Member (Bridgnorth Tourism)

Finance Director - Adrian Brown
Business Manager - Jodie Stephen
The Elected Directors are appointed annually via the membership at each AGM.
The Appointed Board Members are by virtue of their employment with the company.


Director / Chairman

Richard Powell, Park Hall Countryside Experience


Richard is a the current Chair of Shropshire Tourism. He is also Chair of Oswestry Borderland Tourism and Vice Chair of the National Farm Attractions Group, along with his day job as the Owner and Director of Park Hall Countryside Experience in Oswestry.


Clive Shingler, Owner of Lower Lacon Caravan Park


Clive is a Director by appointment, as he is the current Chair of North Shropshire Tourism.


Judie McCoy, Owner of Birches Bed & Breakfast.


Judie has been a resident of Shrewsbury for more than 40 years and is a joint owner, with her husband Richard, of a successful B&B in the town. She joined both Shropshire Tourism and Shrewsbury Tourist Association as a Director about 7 years ago and has a profound belief in the town as a serious visitor destination as well as being a wonderful place in which to live. Judie's background is in business. She worked as an officer for BT until setting up her own antiques business in the late 1970's before going on to become an Area Sales Manager in a global direct selling company where she still works today. Judie is the Company Secretary.


Adrian Brown, Owner of The Old Rectory of St James Guest House


Adrian is a director by appointment and currently runs a 4 Star Gold award winning Guest House in Stirchley, Telford which he refurbished, rebranded, reopening in January 2011. In 2015 they were awarded the VisitEngland ROSE award and the VisitEngland Bronze Award for Excellence, for providing overall quality for their guests.

Adrian's background is in electrical engineering by profession, working in Zambia for nine years and then in the UK gas industry (R&D) for nineteen years. Latterly he was a Service Manager designing and installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems; projects of total value to approx £1m. He then started his own consultancy business as a sole Director, The Old Tavern Ltd, continuing mainly with CHP work for about eight years. Alongside the technical business, he and his wife started a B&B business from scratch in their family home in 2004, in the East Midlands. By 2009, they wanted to expand but the location did not lend itself easily for that, so they decided to move to Shropshire.

Adrian was a Member of Telford Tourism Partnership Board for Strategic planning for two years (recently disbanded) and is now part of the recently launched Telford Visitor Economic Forum.


Mike Brogden, Owner of Ferndale Flat self catering property


Mike is a director by appointment and has been running a 4 star self-catering holiday flat since 2010 in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has in membership of Shropshire Tourism for the same period. His emphasis is on eco-friendly principles and the flat has been awarded Achiever status by the Shropshire Hills Sustainable Business Scheme and a Gold Award by Green Tourism.

Prior to this, Mike was worked in primary education as a teacher, headteacher, teachers' centre leader, area primary schools adviser in Oxfordshire, senior adviser in Shropshire, trainer of headteachers, education consultant and inspector of schools for OfSTED.

Mike has also acted as chairman or secretary of several voluntary organisations, including the South Shropshire Farm Holiday Group (now called Shropshire Gold).


Jack Limond, Owner of The White Horse Inn


Jack is a director by appointment and has been active in the area of tourism since he took over the White Horse Inn in 2001. In 2002 he became Chair of Clun Green Man Festival and has acted in the role ever since. In 2009 he joined the board of Bishop's Castle and Clun Tourism groups and in 2015 joined Shropshire Hills Tourism. His aim is to create a bond between these two organisations.


Kevin Dowd, Owner of Hambrook House B&B


Kevin and his wife Charlotte set up Hambrook House as a bed and breakfast in 2011 having moved from Buckinghamshire. They have had great success with Hambrook House and continue to provide an excellent service to visiting members of the public.
Kevin is also a Chartered Surveyor, having been elected in 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the commercial aspects of tourism, such as retail, catering, office and retail valuation and retailing trends. His practice is in London’s West End.
He was elected as a District Councillor (Little Chalfont Ward) for Chiltern District Council in Buckinghamshire from 2003 to 2007. He was elected by members to Vice Chairman of the Council and was a senior member of the Planning Committee, as well as Chairman of Housing and Planning.


The Board of Shropshire Tourism has a minimum of 6 elected Directors who are elected annually by the membership at the AGM. All Directors must be members of the company. In addition to their legal directorial responsibilities to the company the Directors should bring key qualities and specialisms to the board and some Directors will have specific roles and responsibilities. These are detailed below:


Key Purpose:  To provide specialist advice, direction and support to the board and the senior employees of the company in personnel matters. To provide support and assistance in the delivery of appraisals, staff development, training, recruitment and appointments, disciplinary and grievance issues. To advise the board on appropriate remunerations for all employees of the company.
Qualities:   To be able to provide negotiation and mediation skills and bring impartiality to the personnel processes and functions.
Specialist Skills: To possess a reasonable understanding of UK employment law and legislation, to be aware of best practice in the field and have practical experience of employing and managing employees. (Notes: On occasions with board approval, specialist HR external support can be brought in to assist the director).

TITLE: DIRECTOR - Asset Management - Adrian Brown

Key Purpose:  To advise the Board and senior employees of the company on the best use of the company's financial and other assets. To provide specific support to the Finance Director and Chief Executive on financial matters
Qualities:   To have an entrepreneurial approach and be risk aware, mindful of the company's need to maintain itself as a viable and solvent business, to be able to assess financial opportunities and present a balanced objective view to the board.
Specialist Skills: To have a clear understanding of financial issues, risk management, rates of return and be able to identify investment opportunities. To be aware of the company's special relationship with its members and its raison d'etre. (Notes: May possess a formal financial or accountancy qualification or business and investment experience, specialist external advice can be brought in subject to the board approval).

TITLE: ADDITIONAL DIRECTORS - Membership, Communications, Marketing, Business Skills

Key Purpose:  To supplement and provide further support to the board and senior employees of the company.
Qualities:   Awareness of membership issues, business awareness, creative flair, dynamism and drive, entrepreneurial skills, financial acumen, customer focus, IT skills – it is desirable that these directors possess some/many of these valuable qualities.
Specialist Skills: Previous business, commercial or marketing experience.