Little Book of Shropshire Campaign

An apology to the USA

It was the Shropshire Regiment who - during the 1812 war with America - burnt the US President's House, causing him to paint it White. Sorry about that. This display of warlike tendencies is a little unusual, given that most of our military types weren't actually very interested in fighting. After a couple of battles, Robert Clive of Market Drayton preferred hobknobbing with nabobs in India. And Captain Matthew Webb of Wellington gained his fame and glory by being the first to swim the English Channel. The good Captain indulged in tots of fine brandy during his swim. A practice encouraged, no doubt, by his enjoyment of the many restaurants, hotels and pubs that still abound in the county today. Captain Webb, sadly, perished whilst trying to swim over Niagara Falls in - of all places - America.

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