The Love from Shropshire logo and Shropshire Tourism logo are copyright of Shropshire Tourism and as such their use is strictly controlled and is a member benefit. They may not be used by non member businesses or organisations without permission from Shropshire Tourism.

Shropshire Tourism logo Love From Shropshire Logo

Love from Shropshire logos and Branding Design Guidelines

The Brand – Love from Shropshire

The Love from Shropshire logo is the copyright of Shropshire Tourism and is of key importance in terms of branding the county to visitors. Research has shown that the Love from Shropshire brand has already achieved high recognition within Shropshire Tourism’s target markets and is also being increasingly adopted by other tourism organisations and tourism businesses in Shropshire.

The logo is under the copyright of Shropshire Tourism and permission should be sought from Shropshire Tourism each time you wish to use the logo – a proof may also be required prior to print. The Love from Shropshire logo should not be altered in any way, other than the various permutations which are set out below.

Colour of the logo

The red of the heart must always be 91% magenta, 87% yellow (or it can be used grey-scale if your publication is black & white). The writing can be either black or white (dependant on background – see below). If you are using a printer who only uses pantone colours, please use pantone number Red 032.

Application of logo

The standard logo is as follows and should be used as the preferred choice:

Love From Shropshire Logo

If it is difficult to see the logo against the background, it may be placed inside a solid white circle (see 1), used with white writing (see 2), or you may use the logo with a white shadow behind (see 3).

Shropshire Tourism logos

NB the grey background is used to demonstrate the use of the logo. The logo should not be printed on a grey background in practice.

You may want to use the logo over a photograph. If so, please ensure the logo is clear – if it is not, please use the white circle or shadow as a background. Please do not use any other block colours as a background.

Any alteration to the colour, writing or otherwise of the logo (other than the above) is an infringement of copyright. You will be asked to remove the altered logo or (if this is not possible) you may be required to destroy the publication in its entirety and/or pay compensation to Shropshire Tourism.

New Shropshire Tourism logo

The new Shropshire Tourism logo below is only for use in partnership working with consent and must be kept as supplied.

The CMYK mix for the logo is:

Blue - C 100, M 85, Y 0, K 0
Silver - C 27, M 24, Y 27, K 20

The only variation which can be made to this logo is to use it grey-scale if your publication is black & white.

Shropshire Tourism logo

If you have any queries or any doubts over the use of the logos, please contact:

Shropshire Tourism on 01743 261919.

Grove House, 8 St Julian's Friars, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1XL