Media Campaigns

As Shropshire's marketing organisation, Shropshire Tourism undertakes a range of marketing and promotional campaigns each year. Some of these campaigns are discussed in more detail below:

Classic FM Radio Advert Campaign

Audio Tracks from Classical fm:

Track 1 (41 seconds) - Track 2 (41 seconds) - Track 3 (41 seconds) - Track 4 (41 seconds)
Track 5 (41 seconds) - Track 6 (11 seconds) - Track 7 (41 seconds) - Track 8 (11 seconds)
Track 9 (11 seconds) - Track 10 (41 seconds)

Once selected the track should play automatically if using Microsoft Media Player however, in order for you to listen to the tracks you will need to have an mp3 compatible player or you can download a piece of software called "WinAmp" available to download here. Once downloaded please double click the file to begin the installation of the software, once this is done you can double click any of the tracks that you have downloaded and they will play in WinAmp.

Little book of Shropshire

The award-winning 'Little book of Shropshire' campaign was a direct mailshot booklet, containing a small number of musings to a select database of previous enquirers and it was also supported by adverts in the Daily Telegrah and Daily Mail.

You can view online versions of the musings by clicking on the links below:-

Little Book of Shropshire

You can download a PDF copy of the Little Book Shropshire by clicking here (owning to the large size of the file, it may a while for the book to download).

Daily Telegraph Scribler Campaign

Shropshire Tourism has regularly taken scribler adverts located next to the crossword in the Daily Telegraph. Some of these are displayed below:-

Devil Housman Inland Kindle Michelin Rural Vicar Wi