6th April 2010

Volunteers Needed for New ‘Victorian Pharmacy’ series to be filmed at Blists Hill

Volunteers Needed for New ‘Victorian Pharmacy’ series to be filmed at Blists Hill

Producers at Lion Television are looking for volunteers with minor ailments to take part in a new series called ‘Victorian Pharmacy’. The new series follows the success of BBC 2’s popular ‘Victorian Farm’ series, filmed at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm.

On Tuesday 13th April the pharmacists will find out about their volunteer’s minor ailments, and then put together a cure-all to be used on Wednesday 21st April at Blists Hill. Cure-All is a herbal remedy which would have been used to cure almost anything, including headaches, insomnia, burns, toothache, ulcers, sprains, eczema and stiffness.

In addition to the Cure-All producers are also looking for someone who uses aspirin for head aches or general aches and pains but would like to try a herbal remedy, a lady or gentleman wanting to lose a bit of weight, a mother with baby (under 3 months) who would like to have the baby weighed and discuss Victorian baby medicines and someone under 50 with back ache. The latter will be filmed on Wednesday 14th April, other dates to be confirmed.

A fully functional Victorian Pharmacy that can treat real patients using Victorian techniques will be opened, showing the history of pharmacy and medicine in the historically accurate setting of Blists Hill. It is a living history series in which Ruth Goodman (from BBC 2’s Victorian Farm) and Nick Barber (Professor of the Practice of Pharmacy) will run the pharmacy, making up popular Victorian remedies and trying them out on people who suffer from mild everyday ailments.

Claire Jones, Senior Marketing Officer at Shropshire Tourism said, “Victorian Pharmacy will be another boost to the county following the success of Victorian Farm. Blists Hill, just one of the ten museums at the World Heritage Site of the Ironbridge Gorge, provides the perfect backdrop for the series. I would encourage any local person with an ailment who wishes to be filmed to sign up for a unique treatment.”

If you are interested in taking part please contact Steve Roe at Lion Television on 020 8846 2111 or email steve.roe@liontv.co.uk


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