5th August 2010

New look Shropshire Tourism website unveiled

New look Shropshire Tourism website unveiled

The new design for the Shropshire Tourism website, www.shropshiretourism.co.uk was launched 2 weeks ago and we are already seeing a 20% rise in unique visitor numbers based on the same time last year.

Stuart Messenger, Head of IT at Shropshire Tourism said, “Although the website has only been live for 2 weeks we have seen a very positive increase in visitors.

It has been a priority for us to ensure that the new re-design reflects the quality of offer that our members provide for visitors to the county. It is more important than ever that the website looks modern and professional to capture visitor’s attention and keep them on the site for longer.

Features of the website include a new navigation structure that makes finding information easier. There is a focus on four main areas: About Shropshire, Places to stay, Things to do and What’s on. The improved structure has sped up the time it takes for pages to load and this has aided search engine optimisation. It is a far better platform for future expansion and improvement.

Members’ web entries have also been improved and contact forms have been revised to make it easier for visitors to submit requests or enquiries.”

Click here to read praise from the Sunday Telegraph about the new Shropshire Tourism website.

Key facts

  • www.shropshiretourism.co.uk receives around 500,000 unique visitors per annum.
  • Figures show that over 40% cite the internet as their main source of information when researching their last but one UK holiday.
  • For Shropshire’s core demographic market; ABC1, the internet is their primary source of information.
  • Your web entry on the Shropshire Tourism website is the main benefit of being a member of Shropshire Tourism. If you would like to update your information or images at any time please email enquiries@shropshiretourism.co.uk

And remember - Shropshire Tourism also offers bespoke website design services - make sure your own website is up to scratch! Call 01743 261919 or visit www.stmem.com/website_services.php

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