3rd November 2010

Visit the Heart website under review

The regional tourism website www.visitheartofengland.com is being reviewed by BHMG, the private company who operate it, following the demise of Advantage West Midlands (AWM). What impact does this have on Shropshire Tourism members?

If you are inspected by VisitBritain or the AA, the data that we hold for your business has been automatically featured on the regional website www.visitheartofengland.com free of charge. This will not continue beyond March 2011.

Shropshire Tourism has been notified that BHMG mailed operators who feature on the site on October 28th, to ascertain what appetite there is for keeping the website live and the loyalty towards the regional brand, 'The Heart of England'. If the feedback for the website and brand is positive, BHMG will be charging businesses from £147.50 to appear on the site from March 2011.

Chief Executive Simon McCloy said, “I would advise members so look at how much business you currently get from Visit the Heart before deciding to commit to paying to appear on it. The vast majority of our members find that their web entry on the Shropshire Tourism website alone is far more beneficial for them.”

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