7th July 2015

Shropshire Tourism Ambassador Scheme & Blog Opportunity

Shropshire Tourism Ambassador Scheme & Blog Opportunity

Following suggestions received from a Shropshire Tourism member, we are pleased to announce the trial of two new initiatives to give members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of setting up and running their businesses to other prospective tourism entrepreneurs.

  • Shropshire Tourism Ambassador Scheme

Would you be interested in speaking to people thinking about setting up a new tourism business, to pass on your own words of wisdom and champion the tourism industry in the county?

Shropshire Tourism frequently receives enquiries from those thinking of starting a new B&B/holiday let, etc. We give all the business advice and support we can, but you can’t beat hands-on experience. To complement our work we are therefore looking for Shropshire Tourism members prepared to share their industry experience and practical knowledge of operating a tourism business in the county.

If you are prepared to act as mentor to start-ups and extol the benefits of joining Shropshire Tourism and act as an ambassador for tourism businesses in Shropshire, please do get in touch to register your interest.

  • Blog Opportunity

We are also interested in hearing from members prepared to write short articles for our tourism industry website, www.stmem.com

We envisage a new section on this website aimed specifically at potential and new members with blogs from existing members/established tourism businesses. We are open to suggestions on content but these may include 'Things I wish I knew when I'd started my tourism business' or 'Top tips from one self-catering member' Etc.

If you are interested in submitting articles for potential inclusion on our industry website, again please get in touch to register your interest.

Please note that both of these schemes are voluntary and unpaid.

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