1st September 2015

eviivo Online; Check Availability & Book

eviivo Online; Check Availability & Book

Shropshire Tourism is offering a special introductory offer for eviivo suite to any business wanting to save time and simply manage online bookings for their B&B or small hotel. Shropshire Tourism members will receive 12 months for the price of 10 when they sign up before the end of October 2015.

A recent eviivo survey showed that 56% of people surveyed would be put off booking a hotel if they had to telephone or email. That rises to 70% for the under 35’s but is still as high as 45% for the over 55’s.

Online bookings are increasingly important as 73% of people surveyed make all or most of their bookings online compared to just 5% of people that don’t book online at all.

We can add the eviivo booking button to your web entry on the Shropshire Tourism website for £25.

Go to eviivo.com to see how eviivo suite can help get your business more bookings and save you time.

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