1st October 2015

Don’t forget to refresh your online content…

Don’t forget to refresh your online content…

As autumn sneaks upon us, we find ourselves focusing on the up and coming festive events, from Halloween and Bonfire night through to Christmas – yes we said it – Christmas!

If you promote yourselves through the Shropshire Tourism website or indeed you have your own website too, with so much to look forward to now is a good time to think about refreshing your online content.

Your website, social media channels and Shropshire Tourism listing (s), should be continuously changing to actively shout about the offers, events, news, celebrations based around your business to keep the attention of your audience and engage more.

There are so many reasons why you should refresh content, starting out with our top five…

1. Refreshing or updating content may increase your audience by capturing the attention of new people. For instance, if you have a great message to share (you have just won an award), and you do so via one of the social channels, like, Facebook, it could (potentially) reach an incredible number of people, these people may wish to share this information with friends and family, instantly increasing business awareness

2. Helps SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), therefore traffic to your website, therefore (hopefully) gains more business. By providing information of value on current industry or market related topics, you become viewed as an “authority” by search engines like Google, and as a result, you are likely to be ranked higher in search results

3. Great way to build a customer list; if you have newsletters people can sign up to or menu downloads etc., you can capture information from them in order to send future offers via company newsletters, for instance

4. Good quality, in-depth content is being recognised by Google and therefore gains authority and pushes your website (or ours, if you are refreshing your Shropshire Tourism listing) up the rankings. You can create good quality content by adding blogs to your site, news articles, and any relevant sources of information your customer base may appreciate

A number of reports do say that repeat customers are more likely to convert between 60-70% more so than a first time customer – this makes them very valuable to us. Refreshing your content keeps customers interested in your product or service, so this is a very powerful way to entice them back, but also to generate new business interest. Not only are repeat customers more likely to convert at a higher rate than first time customers, they also provide businesses with word of mouth advertising – which is sometimes the best kind, especially if they trust and value what the other person recommends. According to

So don’t delay – send us your Halloween attractions, company ‘wins’, Bonfire events and Christmas offerings!

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