1st October 2015

Membership Announcement: Shropshire Hills Tourism Members

Membership Announcement: Shropshire Hills Tourism Members

Some Shropshire Hills Tourism members may be aware that there have been ongoing discussions over the past two years regarding the services and support we provide Shropshire Hills Tourism board under the joint membership agreement.

This includes providing support of the destination website and supplying membership data to that site and supporting the Shropshire Hills Tourism members on their behalf as well as providing all their secretarial services.

However, we have been advised by the board that they no longer require Shropshire Tourism to deliver many of these services and will be looking their develop their own web presence which they will be managing themselves.

In light of this it is clear that the joint membership is no longer required by Shropshire Hills Tourism board and so it will cease officially on the 31st of March 2016.

So, what does this mean to Shropshire Tourism Members?

Essentially, no real change, Shropshire Tourism will continue to support all member businesses in South Shropshire and manage your entry on the Shropshire Tourism website and network.

We will no longer be charging the recently introduced separate membership fee on behalf of Shropshire Hills Tourism. We will also be providing a new fully responsive website specifically for Ludlow and the South of the county and so all Shropshire Tourism members within that area will get a free entry on this new website.

Shropshire Tourism is naturally saddened about this situation, especially when you consider the government’s 5 Point Plan for tourism specifically encourages much closer working and joined up activity at a local level.

If you need any further information at this stage, please do give Jodie or Simon a call on the usual number: 01743 261 919.

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