13th November 2015

Dogs Boost Tourism?

Are your customer’s dog lovers? Is your business dog friendly?

As cited by Destination UK, new research conducted by The Kennel Club shows that 72% of dog owners said that they would take more holidays in the UK if we had a better attitude towards dogs. This figure rises to 77% for bigger earners, with salaries of £40,000 or more.

What’s more, the research suggests that 2.9 million dog owners might swap overseas holidays for a dog friendly UK option; if the option was available.

This could potentially add a £5.8 billion boost to the economy, including your business! 

According to Destination UK, The Kennel Club Secretary, Caroline Kisko said:

“The research suggests that local tourism could lure holiday makers away from extravagant holidays simply with the promise of a dog friendly getaway, so this could be a real boost to the British economy.

We really need to listen to the public, the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, and crying out for places they can go with their dogs without feeling victimised, offering a real financial incentive for businesses opening their doors to dogs and their owners.”

Is your business ‘dog friendly’? If it is not, why isn’t it? Share your thoughts with us:

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