15th February 2016

Shropshire Tourism AGM and Board supports a change in policy for membership

An interesting and lengthy debate took place at the recent AGM on whether Shropshire Tourism should continue to insist on all accommodation businesses being inspected and graded to a national standard as a condition of membership.

It was recognised that a number of our Tourism Associations have already dropped this criteria as well as several national organisations and many other counties no longer require properties to be graded. It was also recognised that this policy has become a barrier to encouraging new members to join Shropshire Tourism and that many non-member businesses were actually benefiting from marketing activity being paid for by Shropshire Tourism members. The resultant decision was that the board were instructed to review the policy at their meeting after the AGM.

The board took on the member views expressed at the AGM and decided that it was time to drop this policy completely. However they also agreed that it was important that those businesses who are and wish to remain graded should be rewarded by being ranked higher on the website than those who are not. Also, the board felt a formal agreement would be needed to ensure that visitors were afforded some protection if they use an ungraded property and that Shropshire Tourism itself had some protection from promoting these businesses.

The board also discussed that a similar agreement would be useful for all businesses who are not covered by the inspection process such as attractions, event and other organisations.

So with immediate effect, any new member business wishing to join Shropshire Tourism and those who are not currently covered by an inspection process will be required to enter into a declaration. In future, it is expected that this agreement will actually form the basis for being a member of Shropshire Tourism irrespective of being inspected or not.

A copy of the agreement declaration can be seen by clicking here


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