15th February 2016

How We Can Compete with On-line Travel Agencies?

The AGM had a discussion about the impact that On-line Travel Agencies (OTAs) are having on their own businesses and the commissions they have to pay and also the impact on business that is actually being generated by the Shropshire Tourism destination website but being made using the OTAs.

The public have been convinced by all the marketing that the OTAs do that they can only get the best rates by using an OTA (like Bookings.Com, Trivago, Expedia etc). So how do we compete and secure more direct business ourselves, pay less commission and improve our own profitability?

The board discussed this at their meeting and Jack Limond suggested introducing a Shropshire Tourism Price Promise. The principle behind the new Price Promise is that member businesses offer a guarantee to visitors that they will actually get the best rate by booking direct with the establishment themselves from the Shropshire Tourism website or even their own website rather than using an OTA.

Some OTA’s prevent you offering a lower rate even on your own website but you can still match it without being in breach of your agreement with them. Obviously if a visitor books direct there is no commission to pay to Shropshire Tourism and your own profitability improves too.

Shropshire Tourism will be launching a Price Promise logo which will go on our own home page of the Shropshire Tourism website and also on your listing and your full entry too. All you have to do is let us know you are prepared to offer this guarantee of the best rate by booking direct with you and we will add the logo to your entry.

To get your Price Promise logo on your entry or for more information contact Jodie


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