11th May 2016

Shropshire Tourism Price Promise

To compete with the On Line Travel Agents (OTAs), recent adverts on TV from Hilton, Premier Inns, Ibis, Accord and other major hotel groups are now all offering their visitors the best rate by booking direct with them rather than via an OTA. Shropshire Tourism’s recently launched Price Promise scheme continues to grow. It’s a great way of saving you money, improving your profitability and building customer loyalty, and best of all its free to join!

The principle behind Price Promise is that member businesses offer a guarantee to visitors that they will actually get the best rate by booking direct with the establishment themselves from the Shropshire Tourism website or from their own website rather than using an (OTA) such as Booking.com, Late Rooms, Expedia etc.

The logo appears on the home page of the Shropshire Tourism website and also on your own listing and your full entry too. All you have to do is let us know you are prepared to offer this guarantee of the best rate by booking direct with you and we will add the logo to your entry. There is no charge for this, we do not charge any commission on bookings so you could save yourself having to pay the OTA commission fees as well!

Jodie reported at the recent Shropshire Tourism board meeting that there had been a really good response to the idea and a good take up members. So become part of the scheme, save some money and get your Price Promise logo on your entry –its free to join. For more information contact Jodie on 01743 261919.


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