12th July 2016

Is your website fast enough?

Is your website fast enough?

How fast your website loads is soon to be taken into account when it comes to determining your website ranking in search results. As you may have read previously, Google are trying to make the web more accessible, particularly for mobile users. In a plan to help websites load faster across desktops and mobiles, Google are planning to use the speed of your website as a ranking signal when it comes to determining your position within search results. Once this new ranking signal is in place, any slow loading websites will be penalised as compared to websites that load faster.

Why is it important?

A website that loads quickly can lead to a better experience for your website visitors, often leading to higher conversions. On the other hand, a website that performs poorly, in terms of speed will often cause the user to leave early, therefore leading to a lost customer.

How do I check my page speed?

Google provide a tool named PageSpeed insights, where it gives your website a score out of 100, based on how fast.

Google states that a score over 85 is considered good as the page is performing well.

To check your page speed, simply head over to the PageSpeed insights website and enter your website address.

A score for both mobile and desktop will be presented once Google completes the speed tests.

How do I improve my score?

We are here to help improve your page speed score.

If you find that your website is not performing as well as it could, please get in touch with us by calling 01743 261919, or send an email to enquiries@shropshiretourism.co.uk


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