8th November 2016

Visitor Surveys

Visitor Surveys

We are currently carrying out research of our visitor markets by a direct email to 2016 brochure requesters and via an online survey on the destination website. This is a short simple questionnaire asking if they have visited Shropshire, or plan to in the near future, and if they have visited, what type of accommodation they stayed in. This will give us real, up to date conversion figures, and show the value of both the Shropshire & the Welsh Borders brochure and the main destination website. As an incentive for visitors to complete the survey, the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury have kindly donated a two night stay as a prize.

The email was sent out to a sample of over 3,000 people who requested our brochure this year. Early indications from the brochure conversion survey shows that over 66% of brochure requests convert to actual visits. Applied across our print run this indicates that the Shropshire & the Welsh Borders brochure generates over £3.8 million worth of business to the county.

We have also received some really positive comments about the county. Below is just one example:

The brochure was brilliant and we had a great week exploring Shropshire. Probably needed more time as so much to see and do. Will definitely return.

Lovely countryside. Most enjoyable.

The full results of the brochure survey and the results of the on-line survey will be available in the New Year.


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