8th November 2016

Google begins indexing results based on mobile content

Google begins indexing results based on mobile content

In continuation of making the mobile web friendlier, Google are now indexing search results based upon the contents of the mobile version of your website. Previously, Google had based the search result upon the desktop content of your website, meaning that what is viewed on your PC, is what Google would have taken into consideration. Some websites make use of having a stripped down version of their website available for mobile, which means that the desktop-based content shown in search results, may not necessarily be respective of the mobile content that is available. This is where Google have sought to ensure that the correct experience is delivered for the user, creating a better user experience.

How does this affect me?

If you currently have a website that is only available on desktop (also known as non mobile-friendly by Google's definition), there is a very high chance that your website will be penalised even more so than the current penalisations in place.

You may notice that your website is displaying further down the list of results, as compared to your mobile-friendly competitors.

If you currently make use of an alternative website for mobile, where the content is different to what is shown on desktop altogether; the content that is used on your mobile version of the website will be used towards your listing in search.

This could mean that vital content that is only displayed on your desktop site, as well as the necessary search engine optimisations that are in place, may be disregarded.

If you have a mobile-friendly (also known as responsive) website, your website's search listing will not have a negative affect based upon the changes that Google has made. With a mobile-friendly website, the underlying content (website code) that makes up the page, will be equivalent across both the mobile and desktop version of the website; so therefore Google will see the same content irrespectively. Having a mobile-friendly website is something that we highly recommend.

How do I ensure my website won't be penalised?

If you believe that your website may be negatively affected by this change that Google has made, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our IT team.

We will be happy to take a look at your website and assess the effects of the changes made by Google to their search results.

You can contact Jordan on 01743 261919, or you can email jtaylor@shropshiretourism.co.uk


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