21st March 2017

Impact of Business Rates Increase in the Self Catering Sector

Impact of Business Rates Increase in the Self Catering Sector

South West Tourism Alliance have commissioned a report into the impact of the 2017 Business Rate Rises on the self-catering sector. This is in response to an outcry from the many self-catering operators in the region at the scale of the rises following the recent revaluation. The report’s analysis is based on the Valuation Office’s entire database of over 40,000 properties in England and Wales.

Percentage increases in Rateable Value (RV) since 2010 start at 39% for properties with 1-8 bed spaces, 43% for properties with 9-20 bed spaces, 58% for complexes with 21-50 bed spaces and 71% for complexes with more than 51 bed spaces. As the report points out, these are all still small businesses, indeed micro businesses, who will already have set their prices for 2017 and in many instances for 2018.

The South West Tourism Alliance are lobbying hard on this issue. Two key issues which came out of a recent South West conference to feed into the Rural Tourism Enquiry, attended by nearly 170 delegates, were Rural Business Rates and Rural Broadband. The Chair of the Rural Tourism Enquiry, Neil Parish MP, was hugely supportive and said he would join in the fight.

Please let us know your views on this and we will feed them back to the Tourism Management Institute. Call Jodie on 01743 261919 or email jstephen@shropshiretourism.co.uk


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