14th June 2017

Make your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate

Make your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate

With the introduction of Chrome version 62, Google will mark any website with a data-entry form as not secure, unless a SSL certificate is present. An SSL certificate ensures that information sent between the server and the person using the website, is encrypted, preventing the information being read by eavesdroppers.

Currently, any website that uses a password field within a form without SSL, will be marked as “Not secure”. The changes in Chrome 62 will take into account all types of data entry, as Google states;

“Passwords and credit cards are not the only types of data that should be private. Any type of data that users type into websites should not be accessible to others on the network, so starting in version 62 Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning when users type data into HTTP sites.” The reason for this change, is that Google discovered “a 23% reduction in the fraction of navigations to HTTP pages with password or credit card forms on desktop”.

Google have pencilled in the date of October 2017 before these changes are due to happen.

We are able to offer you as our website client an SSL certificate at a one-off cost of £50+VAT.

Please contact Jordan or Jake for more information on 01743 261919.


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