14th June 2017

Country Walking Magazine Press Trip

Country Walking Magazine Press Trip

In April, we were involved in arranging a Country Walking Magazine press trip for a journalists visiting Clun, focusing on the Valley and the Green Man Festival. The trip took place on the 24th April and reflected on the strong association between the County of Shropshire and the eons-old legend of the Green Man. The journalist was most impressed with the county and the help they received. Click Read More for journalist Nick Hallissey’s thoughts on the trip.

“We were on the trail of the Green Man, that legendary sometimes-sunny, sometimes-sinister figure who haunts English folklore, perhaps nowhere more powerfully than in Clun, Shropshire. Here he is revered in an annual festival which has become hugely popular, climaxing with the battle of the Green Man and the Frost Queen on the town’s ancient packhorse bridge to decide whether spring bursts into bloom – or winter holds sway.

We’ll be telling the whole story in Country Walking next spring, but for now it was just great to research the story, meet the wonderful people of Clun, have a close encounter with the Green Man himself, and chat to Jack Limond at the White Horse Inn, who is a driving force behind both the festival itself and the marvellous Clun Brewery. And of course we walked for miles and miles in the magnificent quiet countryside around Clun, searching for glimpses of the Green Man in his natural habitat. It’ll be a heck of a tale next spring”

The article will be published in the May 2018 issue.


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