31st July 2009

Top Tips to help your business during the recession

Top Tips to help your business during the recession

With the current economic mood and the British summer weather, you could be forgiven for thinking things currently look pretty glum for the tourism industry.

However, here at Shropshire Tourism we are, as ever, here to lend a helping hand and to look on the bright side with some recession beating tips!

Money, money, money

Visitors are not purely motivated by cost. The good news from VisitEngland is that many consumers see holidays and breaks as a necessity rather than a luxury and UK short breaks are thought to be less affected than short breaks abroad.

Packaging works

Discounts can work in the short term but added value works in the long term and protects profits. For example; a free pass at a local visitor attraction included.

Marketing aware

Although it's tempting to reduce the amount of money you spend on promotion, cuts in spend may help short term profitability but can damage your business in the long-term.

If your competitors are cutting investment in promotion, take the opportunity to increase your marketing investment.  It is proven that businesses who maintain marketing investment during a recession retain market share and are more successful in the longer term, once the economy recovers.

Copy killer

Get a friend or colleague to read through the copy on your website, adverts and leaflets.  Does the copy sound new and refreshing or dated and run-of-the-mill?  How is the spelling and grammar? There is a danger of standing out from your competitors for all the wrong reasons.  Remember engaging and entertaining copy works.

Picture perfect

Whilst your friend is reviewing your advertising copy, get them to look at your images too.  Pictures can easily look tired and dated.  Try taking new photographs (digital cameras are so easy to use) or get a professional in to do it for you.  We have included a helpful guide to taking photos, click here.

Customers are king!

Provide your visitors with a memorable, quality experience to encourage them to become repeat visitors.  You may consider giving them an incentive to return again by using loyalty incentives.

Ask for help!

At Shropshire Tourism we have a small team of experts ready to help you.  We can advise on websites, marketing literature, help with advertising, copywriting, new images you name it!

*Information sourced from VisitEngland, marketingservicestalk.com, bytestart.co.uk, realbusiness.co.uk

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