24th August 2009

How your Shropshire Tourism web entry works for you

How your Shropshire Tourism web entry works for you

Here at Shropshire Tourism we have had our thinking caps on trying to think of the best ways for you to track how your web entries on the main destination website;  www.shropshiretourism.co.uk are working for you.

Now, thanks to our very helpful in-house IT team you can contact us at any time and we can tell you;

1) How many times visitors have viewed your own web entry on the Shropshire Tourism website.

2) How many visitors click to read 'More Information' about your business and visit your full web entry.

3) How many visitors have clicked through to your own personal website from the Shropshire Tourism site.

Many of our members find that the Shropshire Tourism website is the top referring URL
to their own website.

4) How many visitors have gone on to use the contact form to email you directly through the Shropshire Tourism site.

In 2008 the Shropshire Tourism website received 378,738 unique visitors. This comprised of 352,582 first time visitors and 32,156 visitors who returned to the website following their initial visit shortly afterwards. This averages approximately 32,000 unique visitors per month and gives you access to a potential visitor market worth over £12Million.

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