4th November 2009

Performing Rights Society Code of Conduct

Useful information for accommodation providers


12. Your obligations
It is your responsibility to ensure you have an up-to-date PRS for Music licence if you are playing copyright music outside of the domestic environment.
The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) requires you to obtain permission from the copyright owner before you perform or authorise the performance of copyright music in public.

Our advice notes for you are: -

If you are a B&B - you are a ‘domestic environment’ as distinct from commercial environment. Self catering cottages are also a domestic environment.

You are not playing music in ‘public’ in bedrooms, kitchens, lounges etc

Neither are you playing music in ‘public’ if you are listing to your own radio (covered by the TV license) whilst in your kitchen doing breakfasts!

Your TV license covers the use of TVs in bedrooms/lounges and radios. Some premises may require special TV licenses due to the number of bedrooms but in most instances a single license is sufficient. More information on this can be obtained from TV Licensing body.

You do need a PRS license if you are playing music from artists’ recordings that are 50 years or less in a public bar, a public restaurant/dining room, a public lounge, a public reception area or other public venue.

Finally do not be intimidated by the PRS, they can often be very aggressive, bullying and may well try and intimidate you – so don’t be!

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