3rd December 2009

Data feeds and Web address on your web listings

Shropshire Tourism is developing a live data feed to keep you up to date with the latest goings-on in the county. Plus, we’re changing the way visitors view your web entries on www.shropshiretourism.co.uk and other joint membership websites.

Shropshire Tourism is developing a live data feed for your own websites. This will enable you to sign up to receive Shropshire news and events from www.shropshiretourism.co.uk that will display on your own website, ensuring that your website is kept up to date. You will be notified once this is up and running.

Following feedback from members, we are also in the process of changing the way in which visitors to www.shropshiretourism.co.uk, www.visitshropshirehills.co.uk, www.northshropshire.co.uk, www.visitshrewsbury.co.uk and www.visitbridgnorth.com can view your web entries. Now, in addition to the thumbnail image, contact address, telephone number, email and brief description, visitors will also be able to click straight through to your own website (if you have one) from your initial listing as opposed to your full web entry.  This should increase the number of referrals from the Shropshire Tourism website to your business. If you would like to monitor how many people are finding your web entry on the Shropshire Tourism site each month then email enquiries@shropshiretourism.co.uk or give us a call.


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