1st February 2010

New Year Resolutions

Most New Year resolutions have been broken by now but here are some that are well worth keeping...

  1. Monitor your Advertising
  2. Make your website work harder!
  3. Plan Ahead
  4. Look at www.stmem.com
  5. The Customer is Always Right

1) Monitor your Advertising

The million dollar question is: 'Has the advert worked?'

A common concern that often arises from you, our members, is that you are unsure where to advertise. Throw in a few other variables of when to advertise, how often, and how much to spend and this can create a recipe for uncertainty. Advertising can be expensive, so the key word is 'monitor'.

Once you have done your homework; found out who the publication is aimed at, where it will be distributed and how many copies will be printed and so on. Don’t be shy to ask your guests or customers where they have heard about you. It’s a simple tip but it’s surprising how many businesses are reluctant to routinely monitor the origin of enquiries or bookings.

So, if you don’t record this vital piece of information, make 2010 the year to start!

2) Make your website work harder!

With increased competition in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your own website is working for you. Here are a few questions that we suggest you ask yourself (or your website provider):

•    How many unique (actual) visitors did my website receive in 2009?
•    Does this reflect the number of enquiries or bookings that I am receiving? If not, why not?
•    How are visitors finding my website?
•    How long are they spending on my website?

Remember, if you need any professional IT advice then call us on 01743 261919 or email enquiries@shropshiretourism.co.uk

Shropshire Tourism designs, builds and hosts websites. We can refresh your existing website or build a new one for you from scratch. We may even be able to do this for FREE! Please contact us.

3) Plan Ahead

If you are booking advertising, planning to send an email or postal mailing to your customers, or thinking about special offers, then it is important for you to look ahead.

Timing is crucial. Advertising deadlines can be months in advance, some customers may respond better to mailings at different times of the year than others and some special offers may be seasonal e.g. Valentines’ Day or Easter which will be upon us before we know it.

Send us the details and keep us informed about your marketing plans and activities - we receive press enquiries almost daily and if we don’t know what new products, services or activities you’re offering, we can’t tell journalists!

Call us on 01743 261919 or email enquiries@shropshiretourism.co.uk

4)    Look at www.stmem.com

This website has been designed exclusively for you, as a member of Shropshire Tourism, to use and benefit from. As well as featuring up to date information about your membership benefits and the services that Shropshire Tourism provides, we add regular industry news including any scam warnings that may be circulating and topical features such as the latest PRS updates.

5)    The Customer is Always Right

This is a well worn saying that, as we're sure most of you will know, is not always true! But with prospective visitors being more careful about where to spend their hard earned cash, customer service can be a deciding factor on where they choose to stay or visit. We suggest you ask yourself the following:

•    What is our conversion rate from enquiry through to booking?
•    How long do we take to return phone calls or reply to emails?
•    How swiftly do we respond to complaints? (if you receive any)
•    Do we ask for guest feedback?

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