1st February 2010

Shropshire Tourism Brochure Flies Out Of The Office

Over 6,500 Shropshire and the Welsh Borders 2010 brochures have been requested to date.

Shropshire Tourism undertook a targeted e-campaign in December to promote the 2010 brochure to a profiled database of 3,235 visitors. They received an email to encourage them to submit a priority request - click here to view the email.

27% of this database (877 visitors) did just that. (The industry norm is between 0.5 – 1.5%). In addition, Shropshire Tourism receives daily brochure requests as a result of our direct response campaigns.

If 2009 is anything to go by (17,500 brochures were requested), then we will be busy stuffing envelopes for some time to come!

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