2nd April 2010

New Director joins the Shropshire Tourism Board

New Director joins the Shropshire Tourism Board

Members of Shropshire Tourism’s 600 strong membership base elected a new Director to join the Board at the company’s AGM. Gilly Bachelor, a highly regarded marketer, will take on the Director seat with responsibility for marketing, communication and membership.

Gilly owns and runs The Walkmill holiday cottages in Norbury and has 20 years of extensive marketing experience in highly challenging industries, from construction to banking. Gilly’s previous role was as Managing Director for a commercial vehicle enterprise and it was in this position that she approached Shropshire Tourism to develop a new website for both businesses.

Gilly said “I am delighted to join Shropshire Tourism, an organisation which is fundamental to the success of our tourist industry – an industry which generates £561 m of annual revenue and over 15,000 jobs. In my new role as a Director, I will be continuing their exceptional work, remaining dedicated to raising the profile of Shropshire as an outstanding tourist destination and to increase sustainable, profitable business for its members.

I am delighted to have been elected and look forward to working more closely with the team at Shropshire Tourism. I know from experience that Shropshire Tourism’s help, knowledge and support have been fundamental to the success of my own business therefore I am particularly keen to focus on the ongoing business development of the company, ensuring more businesses benefit from the advantages Shropshire Tourism can deliver.”

In addition to the membership benefits, Shropshire Tourism also provides one to one business support, bespoke website design, and professional IT and marketing advice.

Commenting, Chief Executive Simon McCloy added, “When Shropshire Tourism began 15 years ago, the company initially relied heavily on grants but over the last 8 years the company has significantly grown its membership and business income. Both the Board and I believe that Gilly will be a real asset to the company and board, bringing vital commercial experience and expertise.”

The AGM also unanimously re-appointed Shropshire Tourism’s 5 existing Directors: Cllr Pat McLaughlin as Chair, John Cushing, Glen Lawes, Lesley Davies and Judie McCoy. Minutes of the AGM and further information on the services that Shropshire Tourism provides businesses can be found on www.stmem.com


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