Photography Advice

If you are having professionally produced photographs of your establishment, or if you are taking the photos yourself, here a few helpful tips to get you started. Alternatively you can always contact Shropshire Tourism for information on our professional photography service (an exclusive member benefit).

Turn all the lights on

Lighting is the key to a good photograph. If you are taking internal photos remember to turn the main internal lights on. If you have bedside lights, turning these on can help to brighten a dark area of the room.

Should I leave the doors open?

You need to make a decision as to if leaving the door ajar will lead the viewer to somewhere that they might want to go. If the door leads into a garage, you should close it to prevent people viewing areas of the establishment that are not photogenic.

Should I stage the room?

Yes, you want people to see the room at its absolute best. Don't be afraid to move furniture to a position where it can be seen in the photo, add a magazine or newspaper.

Bedrooms look boring!

Duvets and bed sheets are large expanses of patterned or flat colours. Why not try turning down a corner of the sheets and putting a newspaper or magazine on the bed. This will help to create a visually interesting shot

Move the bins!

Don't be scared to move the dustbins and waste paper baskets, trouser presses, kettles etc so they are out of shot. They do not look good on a photo.

Remember people sell

Images with people enjoying themselves in your property will create the impression of comfort and hospitality. Make sure you ask their permission first and be mindful who you're photographing e.g. if you don't wish to target your property to families, don't photograph children.

Use fruit bowls and fresh flowers

Including fresh fruit and flowers in your images help to add vibrant colours and create a good impression.

Taking external shots

Blue sky sells. Don't take shots on rainy, grey or overcast days if you can possibly avoid it. Include plenty of blue sky at the top of your image and you will be able to crop it to fit the right space - but watch out for over exposed shots.

Remove clutter!

Don't forget to move unnecessary clutter or personal collections. Remember, people like to see clean clutter free surfaces.

Move your car or other obstructions

Cars in shot are not good. Anything that blocks the view could put barriers to consumers staying in your establishment.

Taking shots of the garden

Mowing the lawn the day before taking the shot would be a good idea and remove any visible weeds. Add garden furniture to your shot and dogs or cats are generally OK. If you are within an area of panoramic views, don't forget to take shots of them too e.g. views from the bedroom window.

Think about what you are taking a photo of

Try and get a visually interesting image. Taking a shot of a table in the corner of a room is not interesting unless you can see the rest of the room that goes with it.

Taking shots of the dining room

Lay the table up and include food in the shots. If trying to take shots of breakfast, include a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice - but remove the cereal boxes! If taking an evening meal shot, shoot from above to see the full plate of food. Include a full glass of wine - you can always drink it afterwards!