All planning issues are handled by Shropshire Council. You are always advised to check with Shropshire Council to establish what permissions if any you may require before commencing any work.

Before submitting a planning application, you can request informal planning advice on a scheme from Shropshire Council. This is not binding but helps establish some of the issues you may need to be aware of. The more information you can provide the more informed their comments are likely to be. It also helps any development proposal if you can discuss your proposals with your neighbours to allay any fears or concerns (and possibly attract their support), talk to your local district/town/parish councillors so that they are aware of your proposals and can offer their informal views.

There are also several specialist consultants and RIBA approved architects who can take on your project for you although they charge for these services they may be able to save you time and money (and headaches!) in the long run.

It is not Shropshire Tourism's policy to write or comment on individual planning applications, either for or against, as it is not possible to represent all of our members' views fairly and accurately in such matters. However there is free information available on this website which you may use to make a business case for your planning proposals. Shropshire Tourism do also offer a help and advice service on aspects of marketing and promotion, quality standards, online promotion, print and branding etc.

We can also offer a discount to members for planning consultancy. Click for details.

If you are after something more specific or wish to share some of your own business experiences please do contact us click here.