Brown Tourism Signs

The primary purpose of a brown tourism sign is as a directional sign, it is not as an advertising sign or promotional sign. They are there simply to help visitors find particular tourism establishments that they may find difficult to locate otherwise.

The erection of Brown Tourism signs on Shropshire’s highways and byways are controlled by Shropshire Council (Community & Environment Department). There are various issues that will be considered when making a decision about whether a property should have a brown sign or not. Issues to be considered are: there has to be a genuine tourism need to direct and assist visitors in finding the property, there are issues of road safety and site suitability, there are issues such as sign clutter, environmental impact or information overload.

Some form of control makes sense, as no one wishes to see too many, and possibly unneeded, brown signs appearing all over the Shropshire countryside. There is an application procedure and fees to pay for further information and advice on brown tourism signs contact: Shropshire Council Traffic Management - Tel: 0345 678 9006.

Brown tourism sign

Advertising Signs

Most other signs are considered to be advertising signs and are generally located on private land (not highway land). As such they are a planning issue and a matter for Shropshire Council. We would advise you to contact them on the number above for further information.

Temporary signs

These can be provided by the AA but will still require the consent of the local highways authority.

The AA


Tel: 0800 7317003 or click here to fill in the online enquiry form

Other temporary signs such as promoting a local show or event also require consent if they are being located on highway land or are going to be “on show” for a period of time. For advice we suggest you should contact Shropshire Council by clicking here.