Tourism Facts

We all know tourism is very important to Shropshire, we thought it may also be helpful to all tourism businesses to know precisely how important it is and spread the word.

So here are some headline figures...

  • The total value of tourism in Shropshire in 2011 was £500,810,000.
  • 35% of spend is generated by overnight visitors, the remaining 65% by day trippers.
  • 11.6 million people visited Shropshire in 2011.
  • 11% of these (1,248,000) are overnight visitors, while 89% (10,360,000) are day visitors.
  • Tourism employs 14,767 people in Shropshire (7% of all employment in the county and the equivalent of 10,963 full time positions).
  • The main beneficiaries of the tourism trade are accommodation providers (£58,679,000), retail establishments (£133,497,000), catering (£170,327,000), entertainment (£65,554,000) and transport (£43,651,000)

Click here for these headline tourism figures in PDF format (extract from Shropshire Tourism Economic Impact Assessment 2011)

You can download various facts and figures compiled by Shropshire Tourism Research Unit (STRU) below:

About Shropshire's Visitors

  • UK Staying visitors mainly come from London & the South East, South West, West Midlands and the North West.
  • Overseas Visitors mainly come from North America, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia. and from Australia/New Zealand.
  • Day Visitors mainly come from West Midlands, North West, East Midlands and from Shropshire itself.
  • There are plenty more facts and interesting information available about the market profile for Shropshire, visitors motivations, what visitors do when they are here, who are they, what do they read and how can we reach them.
  • Shropshire Tourism knows that the more we understand our visitors the better able we are to encourage them to visit. This helps the county, the industry and ultimately the visitor too.

For the latest perception and motivational research see the PDFs below:

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