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An entrepreneur must be brave to face business risks that will surely be experienced. No business does not run the risk; as an entrepreneur, you can only minimize the risk. All entrepreneurs may be brave with the risks that will be faced, but whether they are able to handle a risk that will arise. A good entrepreneur can overcome the risks and turn them into new opportunities for his business. For example, if you are building a casino business, you have to understand what risks that can cause your customer feel they were cheated by the poker game. A good site can be determined by it’s service and product quality. Instead of taking money from the losing poker player, they still keep giving them bonuses like free chips, or something like random ticket trip.

Starting a business is not easy; it needs the right management and business strategies. Business is arguably an uncertain area. Uncertainty can lead an entrepreneur to success or vice versa. For that, you must understand how to minimize the risks that might arise when doing business. Here’s How to Overcome Risks When Doing Business:

Doing research

It’s a good idea to do your research first before starting a business. Research in this case, such as business prospects, capital, markets that will be targeted to the risks that will be faced. With research, you can set a business strategy from the start. It is useful for overcoming things that might happen. The research will also provide an overview of business competition, how to later promote your business. This will really help you if you want to start a business with a small risk.

Adjust Business With Interest

Many people argue that doing business according to your interests will be easier to live. That way, at least already have enough knowledge related to the business. You will also have more expertise to overcome the risks that arise when the business is running. Going into a business that is not in accordance with your interests will only add to the risk. Avoid starting a business just because of the trends, and eventually, businesses like that will die too. Start a business from the bottom so you can learn while doing business. The experience will be needed when the business has gone far.

Entrepreneur Skill

Use Capital As Needed

Having a lot of capital is not a reason for carelessly poured capital. Instead of developing businesses quickly, the possibility of bankruptcy can occur. As an entrepreneur, he must be able to manage the capital well. Use this capital according to business needs. Don’t be swayed by the success of others, so you want to hurry to be like them. If you want to start a small risk business, avoid businesses that consume large capital because they have a high risk.

Learn From Others

As a beginner in business, there’s nothing wrong if you learn from others. Learn how other people manage their businesses, manage their finances, and even their strategies. In the business world, that is fine as long as it does not harm others. Especially if the business you are running has many competitors, do not make them as obstacles. Observe how they work; you can imitate and apply in your business. The shortcomings of other people’s efforts can be turned into strengths in your efforts.

Focus When Running a Business

An effort needs your full attention to keep growing. Do not start another business if the previous business is still unclear. Just know, it will destroy your business. The focus on the business being undertaken will accelerate the development of the business.

If you are looking for small risk business tips, some of the above might help. Be careful in starting a business so that the risks faced can be overcome properly. That way, your business will continue to run according to the original plan.

Intend to start their own business, of course, so eager to prepare everything.

This is natural, especially if this will be the first business. Businesses are not always easy to build, and even more, diverse plans are needed so that companies can run. Don’t be tempted by the notion that gambling will get you rich quickly. You still have to learn how to count cards or analyze sports matches before you put your money on judi bola sbobet betting. Good news is sbobet give you guidance on how you should gambling responsibly.

For that, prepare a plan carefully from the beginning, bearing in mind that in the future, there will be many challenges in the business or business. This challenge can certainly be overcome as long as there is a strong motivation that will make you brave, fast, and precise in solving all problems encountered so that the business runs in line with expectations.

Here are eight motivations that entrepreneurs must-have for a business to be successful in the future, including:

1) Develop Ideas

The initial capital in starting a business is, of course, the idea, where this idea will be the foundation in building a business. But this idea cannot be just that, because you also need to develop and adapt it to the business market trends that are involved. This idea will greatly affect success in running a business.

2) Focus

Businesses must be planned and have clear objectives from the start. Then you should be able to focus on this goal and ignore the various other bad things that only make plans or strategies to achieve goals so fail. Keep remembering the goals, so they can fight the bad things that try to impede success.

3) Optimistic

Various things that are encountered in running a business often seem difficult, especially for novice entrepreneurs with no experience at all. But if you always think positively, one of them, by instilling optimism in yourself, will certainly be able to deal with it well, and your business will be successful.

4) Support the Environment of People Around

The business will not run smoothly according to the plan that was prepared from the beginning. You may experience ups and downs in building a business. Especially if you face various challenges so heavy that you could give up halfway. But if you have the support of the environment of the people closest, especially parents or family who provide a lot of positive input, then any type of problem and challenge will certainly be easier to pass.

5) Always Think Openly

In running a business, there will certainly be many changes and also the conditions that will be faced. It could even be that some of them might be beyond expectations. Don’t be surprised, make sure you are always open-minded and ready to face these changes and challenges, so that you can solve everything well.

6) Professional

Professional attitude does not only apply in life in offices but also the business world or business even if only run on a small scale, though. A professional attitude like this will help you stay focused on the plan that must be done to advance the business. Not only that, but this professional attitude will also make you firm and fast in correcting mistakes in carrying out the plan.

Various business models are around us.

Starting from the fashion business, culinary business, and so on that, the business can generate abundant profits. But what is strange is that there are still many people who are confused when they want to enter the business world.

The thing that is confused is what business they will run.

For this reason, will provide information on 3 business ideas that will not die and have the potential for development that is still bright for a long time.

# Culinary Business Ideas

The culinary business has become one of the endless business models and has become a favorite. How not a culinary business is experiencing rapid development at this time. Everyone needs fast food, especially for mothers who are lazy to cook at home. Surely they will buy food outside. Seeing this opportunity, we can be sure that the culinary business will continue to grow along with the increasing need for fast food.

All people across the country almost do the culinary business because culinary is indeed the main requirement of everyone. Therefore, culinary business cannot be taken lightly.

You must have culinary products that have good quality and taste. Of course, the price is quite affordable for consumers. If, you pay attention to this then your business can run easily.

# Doing Electricity Business

Who doesn’t need credit? In almost every area, people will need credit. Everyone has a mobile phone as a communication tool, and of course, they also need credit as an intermediary for their communication.

You can run a business selling electric pulses; electric pulses now make it easier to do transactions than having to buy a voucher, then you rub it. With electric pulses, mobile users pay, and then the pulses are sent to their cellphones.

All cellphone users will certainly need credit with a certain nominal amount of credit that is very diverse to continue to communicate with their colleagues. Because communication is a very important thing, it is needed and will not break up at any time, and then this business will sell well.

Selling credit or becoming a credit agent is now becoming easier and more practical. Only by depositing a certain amount of money to buy credit, you can already become a credit agent.

Then, you can sell these pulses to all family members, friends, and even strangers who need credit, of course, in accordance with the amount of credit deposit you have. Because almost everyone needs it, selling pulses will certainly produce a decent profit, and the risk of loss is almost non-existent at all.

# Become a Fashion Product Reseller

Currently, there are a lot of social #media accounts that have entered the online business world in the fashion sector. Therefore, of course, it would not hurt if you start participating in starting a business by becoming a reseller in the fashion field. The method is fairly easy, you only need to upload photos of products sold on various social media or create a special group in your BBM account, and the most important thing is that this business does not use material capital.

Little by little, if you routinely upload photos of products that you sell, then consumers will come alone because they feel interested. But patience is an important point for those of you who are in this field because it does not mean that after you post a few pictures of products on social media, you will be flooded with orders. You have to be patient; usually, at this stage, a reseller gives up because progress is arguably slow.

To overcome this, you, as a reseller, must be very clever to build interaction and communication with various consumers. Convince them that your product is the right product for them. Make them comfortable with your explanation; make them understand.

With so little by little, you will get consumers. And your first customer can bring in a new customer.

Now it’s easy for people to create a franchise business to gain profits.

There are a lot of franchisors doing “hit and run” by opening many branches and making the franchisee as a cash cow only. The maintenance is lousy and ultimately results in disappointment from both the center and its franchise partners.

Proposing a franchise is not easy, what else if a small capital. Do not expect to profit as presented by the franchisor. Business is business. Everything remains a risk that must be faced. However, at least by choosing the right franchise business, we will not regret it much later.

This article will briefly review how to choose a good franchise business so that it can become your business in the future and long term.

Choosing a franchise that will be bought and run is not the same as buying an electronic item that has a warranty and can be replaced if damaged. Since the beginning will buy a franchise, we must pay attention to the basic things as an indicator that the franchise has been tested.

The following questions must be in your mind when choosing a franchise business:

# Is The Franchise Business Legal?

Nobody wants a problem with the law. Therefore, from the beginning, you have to ensure that the franchise business you are about to buy has a business license. Many franchise businesses are out of business because they are involved in legal cases; you certainly don’t want to experience them.

# How About The System and Capital?

The characteristics of a good franchise business have a strong system and large capital. Apart from the length of time the business survived, you can also search for information, how many branches were successfully opened within a certain time range.

If it turns out that the age is still small, for example, and they have managed to open many branches, this could be another consideration. It could be that the business is really working, or they are indeed great at attracting prospective franchisees so that many join in.

About capital, at the beginning of the business, will require a large amount. The first three months are generally burned down for promotional purposes and buying raw materials.

# What is an Ideal Age for Choosing a Franchise Business?

Paying attention to the age of a franchise is one way to choose a franchise business that you should consider. With so many franchise businesses in circulation, of course, this will make it difficult to choose a franchise with good resilience.

The ideal age to measure the resilience of this business does not exist — however, the most recommended minimum of 5 years old.

This age is considered the most ideal because usually, companies have gone through various kinds of trips, ranging from human resources, financial, marketing, and operational. In essence, the older the age, the generally better.

Besides, do not immediately believe the sweet promise can be profitable in just a few months. Remember! Do not because the marketing system and techniques are well packaged; it does not mean you can have high expectations and are reluctant to leave business regulations on employees.

# How Much Does It Cost?

Things that must be remembered, FRANCHISE FEES CANNOT BE RETURNED (REFUND). The range of costs also varies, from tens to hundreds of millions. It can even reach billions depending on the type of business.

Franchise fees also include royalty payments. Try to see the agreement again, whether the franchisee is obliged to pay royalties even though the income is not yet maximal, what else in the initial month will certainly come up short because they have to pay equipment and marketing costs. Usually, these royalties are requested in return for using the franchisor’s name.

# Accountable Financial Statements

Before dealing with a franchisor, first look at the financial statements. A professional business should have financial statements that are neat, easy to read, and conditioned based on facts.

In this case, try to look again at the details of expenditure and income projections in the financial design, is it profitable. You should also have a basic knowledge of the basic prices available on the market.

# Does the Business Franchise Fit in Your Location?

Paying attention to the right location is one way to choose a franchise business that requires a lot of visitors. The location of a company is indeed very influential on the level of success of a franchise. However, it does not stop there, and a crowded location does not always mean a franchise business can be successful.

We must see whether the franchise products we sell are acceptable to the local community. So, not just looking for a crowded location but also have to adjust the franchise products to be marketed.

Now it’s easy for people to create a franchise business to gain profits.

There are a lot of franchisors doing “hit and run” by opening many branches and making the franchisee as a cash cow only. The maintenance is lousy and ultimately results in disappointment from both the center and its franchise partners.

Proposing a franchise is not easy, what else if a small capital. Do not expect to profit as presented by the franchisor. Business is business. Everything remains a risk that must be faced. However, at least by choosing the right franchise business, we will not regret it much later.

Quoted from the site, here are some advantages and disadvantages of a franchise business that you should know before running it.

A. Benefits of Franchise Business

All types of businesses must have their respective advantages, as well as the franchise business. The following are the advantages of a franchise business:

# Is the profitability of the franchise business greater?

If you say franchise business profitable, of course, profitable, but if we assume that the benefits of this franchise business will be greater if the franchise brand is well known, this is not certain.

With a franchise system there is usually a fee deduction, where the profits of a small portion of the partner will be the franchisor’s rights:

# Ease of financial management

Most investors prefer to give capital to a business that has proven to be strong in terms of financial and network marketing. Joining a franchise business provides benefits because the franchisee has established the financial management system. Franchise partners do not need to worry anymore about this as it happens with a business that has just started.

# Business management has been awakened

Franchise companies that have a good reputation usually have business management that can provide benefits to their partners. The business idea, brand name, and business management system of the franchise has been tested and only needs to be implemented in a new location.

# The brand is well known to the public

Brands that are well known to the public will make the marketing process of a franchise business easier, especially if the product being sold is a product that is needed and liked by the public.

This, of course, will be easier to market products that are sold to the community, so the costs and effort spent to build a business reputation are not as difficult when we build a business from scratch.

# Stronger support and security

Usually, franchisors provide specialized training to their partners before operating. This training covers financial management, marketing strategies, how to advertise, how to run a business, and others.

The training is usually included in the purchase of a franchise package so that partners will be facilitated in running their business according to good standards.

# Business cooperation has been established

Those who buy a brand franchise will get another advantage, namely business cooperation that has been well developed before. Some examples of advantages are in terms of suppliers of raw materials for products sold, advertising agencies, and marketing.

B. Weaknesses in Franchise Business

All types of businesses must have their shortcomings and challenges, as well as franchise businesses. Most franchise partners are not a problem with this shortcoming, but not a few prospective partners also decided to resign. The following are the disadvantages of a franchise business:

# Suppliers bind franchise partners

Usually, entrepreneurs will look for suppliers (suppliers) who offer smaller prices. This cannot be done if you have already bought a franchise business. If the franchisor has determined the supplier from the start, the franchisee cannot buy or choose another cheaper supplier.

# The existence of a franchise fee

Almost all franchise businesses apply a fee system to their partners. The franchisor will propose an initial fee to buy his franchise. Also, there are ongoing costs charged to partners, usually for training and support to franchise buyers.

# Cutting profits

In addition to the franchise fee, the franchisee must also pay royalties to the franchisor, that is, a deduction from the amount of profit that you get. If it turns out that you only have a small profit, then the benefit will still be deducted to cover the royalty fee.

But not all franchise brands have a system like this. So you have to ask about that from the beginning.

# Influenced on the reputation of other franchises

This is one of the biggest shortcomings of the franchise business. When their own mistakes taint the status of other franchises (for the same brand), your business will also be affected. Sometimes there can be a significant turnover decrease in all franchise branches if this happens to one of the partners.

# Franchise partners lack control

Franchise partners usually do not have full control over the franchise business that he buys, because the franchisor predetermines all systems. When partners want to innovate or change, it collides with the provisions and regulations that have been agreed upon from the start. Given these obstacles, your ideas as a franchise partner cannot be applied to your business.

A well-managed business will surely generate extraordinary profit potential.

To manage a business so that it can compete and survive is certainly not an easy job. Currently, what is being favored by business people is to do business into a franchise business.

Doing a business a franchise today is seen as one way to increase the acceleration of the development of a business. Many franchise businesses are aggressively promoting both online and offline. So far making the business, a franchise can be counted on to boost sales.

But don’t forget that franchising is also not as easy as building our own business. The following are some tips for franchising a business that you need to know.

# Choose Franchise Selectively

Recruiting the right franchise is one of the most critical aspects of your company’s franchise. Make the right choice – right, always learn your potential franchise partners. No need to rush in determining your prospective franchise see also their track record in entrepreneurship.

Also, explore attitudes, attitudes, whether they can be trusted or vice versa. Because in the future, the franchise is the spearhead in your business trip franchising. If you choose the wrong franchise will certainly be very detrimental for yourself and also the business that you manage.

You can also make a selection by specifying the rules in your work contract, for example, by providing a target that must be achieved within three or six months after work begins. If you cannot meet these targets, the franchisee you choose should be evaluated.

# Prepare a Clear Business Concept and Plan

The first time you have to do as a franchisor is to make a good and clear concept for your prospective business franchisee. Because, of course, as a new franchisee must be able to provide sufficient explanation about the goals and targets that you want to develop.

In addition, a good and clear business concept is certainly more attractive for your potential business partners to participate in your work plan. Therefore, prepare your business plan correctly, which you can later offer to your potential franchise partners. If deemed necessary, you can also use a team of experts to create a business master plan in preparation for your company to become a franchise.

# Perform Tight Control

Control is very necessary for a franchise business, especially if you are a franchisor. Product quality is still a priority, so there should be no difference in quality between franchises. When product quality is not maintained, it will make the image of the franchise business that you are building to be destroyed.

Besides quality, excellent service is also a major factor in the success of your franchise. Make standard – standard both product quality and service standards in the franchise that you manage. By having a standard that you have made, then control of Franchisee will be easier.

# Provide Adequate Training

Solid training will benefit both parties, the franchisee, and the franchisor. At the most basic level, solid training helps franchisees understand the basic components they need to run their daily operations. This can also be a guarantee of a smooth and successful start to your franchise.

Training also really helps you as a franchisor in ensuring employees have sufficient skills. Provide marketing training, self-management, and anything that can support the sustainability of your franchise business going forward.

# Create Documents From Your Franchise System

The documentation here does not mean taking photos of your franchise, although that is also necessary. But the documentation here relates to the documents that you must submit to each of your franchisees. You must spend a significant amount of time studying and documenting the system that you have created and then conveying it to your franchisee.

Without this important step, success will never greet your company. It is crucial that franchisors need to know that they did not only sell products or services; they also sell their systems to achieve success.



October 2023