Shropshire Tourism


Shropshire Tourism is a membership organization established to promote Shropshire that provides support to the tourism sector, visitor destinations, and is a representative voice for the tourism industry. Shropshire Tourism was founded in 1995 as a District Tourism Association and a partnership between Local Authorities.

In 2000, Shropshire Tourism had become a nonprofit company limited by a guarantee, which meant the profits from the company could only be used to promote Shropshire. Still, it was also used to help members’ businesses.

Today, Shropshire Tourism is the only Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) in the country that is fully self-financed through the income it receives, and it does not receive subsidies or public grants.

Many businesses find that being a member of Shropshire Tourism not only gives them great opportunities to reach national and international visitor markets, but also provides networks with other tourism businesses, opens up useful sources of industry information, and practical support and advice.

You also need to know that Shropshire not only helps and builds businesses in the tourism sector but also engages in other non-profits such as various food franchises. Shropshire also offers tips on building a franchise business from the start to achieving success.