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Beware Skimming! Avoid Credit and Debit Card Swipes at These 5 Places

Having a debit card or credit card certainly gives a lot of conveniences. Aside from being practical as a payment transaction tool, you have the ‘magic card,’ you don’t need to bother carrying large amounts of cash to shop.

But behind this convenience, the use of debit cards and haphazard credit cards or in any place can increase the risk of crime. One of them is the practice of skimming. That is a banking crime by stealing debit or credit card data to withdraw funds in the account.

How it works breaking into user information using tools that are installed on Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) or EDC friction machines. With this technique, the offender can duplicate the data contained in the magnetic tape on a credit or debit card, then move the information to a blank ATM card. Finally, the offender can easily drain the customer’s account balance.

Even though it is susceptible to occur at ATMs, the practice of duplicating this card can also occur elsewhere. Therefore, you should be vigilant and avoid using debit cards or credit cards in the following 5 places because they are prone to skimming.

# Places to Eat

If you often eat out, both in ordinary places and famous restaurants, be careful with skimming crime that is always lurking. Especially when you make payment transactions using a credit card or debit card. Neither if you often visit the bar. The risk of getting skimming can occur.

Therefore, first consider the condition of the place to eat, restaurant, or bar. Is there surveillance from CCTV or security officers or not. If minimal supervision, undo use a debit card or credit card to transact.

# Franchise Stores in Remote Areas

Skimming also targets franchise stores in remote areas as a place to act. Especially franchise stores that provide EDC machines. The reason is, of course, because the location is remote, far from the city center, so supervision is inadequate.

This makes it easy for actors to install skimming tools on EDC. Because of its remote location, it will also be difficult for victims to report cases to the police.

# Internet or Online Shopping

When your debit or credit card is connected to a device, the risk of skimming becomes higher. Your cellphone or laptop is connected to the internet, making it easier for perpetrators to hack or retrieve your credit or debit card data.

Using public wifi, free VPN will also make your device very vulnerable to being hacked by strangers. Especially if you also use internet banking or mobile banking. Must be increasingly vigilant, including those who like shopping online. Be sure to transact online, the sites you visit are safe and use a private internet network.

You should try to avoid using a credit card for playing online gambling in some random sites on your phone. Be careful with choosing which agen judi bola sbobet you should trust, because not all sites are the same. Try to ask other people who got the same interest in the field, they will give you some advice and recommendation on which site is the best and can be trusted.

# Tourist Attraction

Tourist attractions are also easy targets for card duplication crimes because the flow of money is so fast and numerous. Tourist attractions can make actors get a ‘profit’ a lot.

To avoid skimming when visiting tourist attractions. So if you want to make money at an ATM at a location, select a location close to the reach of security officers. If there is anything, you can immediately report it to the officer.

# Shop with Self Service

Although rare in Indonesia, stores that require customers to service themselves (self-service) are very vulnerable to the practice of skimming. Besides, there is no supervision from special officers at the kiosk, maintenance on transaction machines, such as EDC, is also often overlooked.

Seeing this condition, the perpetrators targeted shops with self-service as a place to smooth out their crimes. So before making a transaction, make sure you first check the feasibility of the payment machine, such as EDC, which is available at the store.

If it is not urgent to go to a self-service shop, it is recommended that you look for alternative places. There are still many shops or kiosks with quite strict supervision that you can visit. So it’s safer right.